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The Happy Rant podcast is a conversation which Barnabas Piper, Ted Kluck, and Ronnie Martin cheerfully (if sardonically) rant about all the things that don’t matter all that much and some things that do. Too much Christian interaction with culture is angry and vitriolic, so these three bring the humor, pith, and occasional irreverence to bear on it. They rant about church, culture, sports, the arts, entertainment, and occasional nonsense in a manner listeners enjoy and wish they could be part of too.

Feb 26, 2020

In this episode of The Happy Rant Ted, Ronnie, and Barnabas suss out the following:

  • Ronnie's brush with Beth Moore fame
  • The manliest man on the internet
  • Claiming the manhood corner
  • Language and confusion about how to even discuss manhood
  • Are we funny enough?
  • Francis Chan, transubstantiation, transcendental...

Feb 18, 2020

In this episode of The Happy Rant Ted, Ronnie, and Barnabas suss out, well, a bunch of random stuff:

  • Depressing movies with Trogges
  • The Oscars in all their self-indulgence
  • Gender debates and defending John Piper
  • The popularity of Axe Throwing and Escape Rooms
  • Crazy acceptance speeches
  • Craft coffee, Hydroflasks, and...

Feb 12, 2020

In this episode of The Happy Rant Ted and Ronnie suss out how to handle disappointment in life, work, and creativity

  • Not doing the jobs we expected
  • Moving on from hopes and dreams of creative endeavors
  • Finding new creative outlets
  • Trying to do what we love and still make a living
  • Teaching & preaching as creativity
  • The...

Jan 31, 2020

In this episode Ted and Barnabas take a more somber tone to remember the life of Kobe Bryant and reflect on how people grieve publicly.

  • Our initial response to hearing the news of Kobe's death
  • The Mamba mentality and the apex of secularism
  • Kobe's complicated legacy and the strength of his family
  • Processing grief and...

Jan 29, 2020

In this episode of The Happy Rant Sports podcast Ted and Barnabas talk NFL and MLB as we head toward the Super Bowl.

  • Patrick Mahomes is bonkers
  • CFL excitement
  • The future of Ryan Tannehill and the Titans
  • Breaking down the Super Bowl matchup
  • Andy Reid's legacy
  • Cheating Astros and Red Sox
  • How should a Christian player...