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The Happy Rant podcast is a conversation which Barnabas Piper, Ted Kluck, and Ronnie Martin cheerfully (if sardonically) rant about all the things that don’t matter all that much and some things that do. Too much Christian interaction with culture is angry and vitriolic, so these three bring the humor, pith, and occasional irreverence to bear on it. They rant about church, culture, sports, the arts, entertainment, and occasional nonsense in a manner listeners enjoy and wish they could be part of too.

Mar 24, 2020

In this episode of The Happy Rant Ted, Ronnie, and Barnabas suss out the following topics:

  • The cancellation of conferences, even T4G
  • When everyone is Yoda tweeting nobody is yoda tweeting
  • Managing all this extra time on our hands . . . wait, who has extra time?
  • Doing church when we can't see people in person
  • Ted gets on Marco Polo (no it's not a dating site)
  • Swimming with moms
  • Ted's creative energy and finding a routine