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The Happy Rant podcast is a conversation which Barnabas Piper, Ted Kluck, and Ronnie Martin cheerfully (if sardonically) rant about all the things that don’t matter all that much and some things that do. Too much Christian interaction with culture is angry and vitriolic, so these three bring the humor, pith, and occasional irreverence to bear on it. They rant about church, culture, sports, the arts, entertainment, and occasional nonsense in a manner listeners enjoy and wish they could be part of too.

Jun 26, 2017

In this episode of The Happy Rant Ted takes his turn sharing stories. Barnabas interviews him about his life and becoming a writer and teacher. Some of the highlights and topics they hit on include:

  • Sports biographies and George Plimpton
  • Accidentally finding his way to writing
  • Poetry performances by a woman in a red...

Jun 19, 2017

In this episode of The Happy Rant Ronnie interviews Barnabas about being John Piper's son and what some of the challenges of being a ministry kid in the spotlight are. They cover the following:

  • When was it obvious that dad was famous?
  • Famous theologians over for dinner
  • Weird experiences with weird fans
  • Pressures PKs...

Jun 12, 2017

In this episode of The Happy Rant Barnabas sits down with Ronnie, he of Joy Electric fame, to talk about life as a CCM artist. They cover tons of ground, including the following.

  • How Ronnie started
  • The business of CCM
  • Dropping Names including Audio Adrenaline, Petra, and Stryper
  • Crazy Fans (including a spitting...

Jun 5, 2017

In this episode of the Happy Rant Ted, Ronnie, and Barnabas discuss the following:

  • Tim Keller's INSANE sermon notes
  • Should adults have "best" friends?
  • What does "best friend" even mean?
  • That weird pressure to have the perfect summer

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